Online Exam Portal

Exams are the important part of the student’s life. Every student will be promoted to the next class only when they pass the exams. Through the exams the lectures can check how much the student understands and studies the day to day lessons. There are situations where the students will not be aware of the exams that will be there on the next day and will not be having the details of the time table with them. To solve all these problems, the online exam portal application can be developed and implemented. It will allow the students to know about the exam dates and the results. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world.

Online Exam Portal

The modules that are included in the online exam portal application are as follows:

  • Home: All the links are available in this page.
  • Login: The students can login through this module to update their profile with great ease.
  • Register: This module can be used by the new student who wants to register for the examination with great ease.
  • My account: This module will allow the user to view the logged in student details, saved test results etc.
  • Edit profile: This module can allow the student to edit the personal details, address, contact number, logout and change password.
  • Change password: The student can change the password through the use of this link with great ease.
  • Logout: This module will allow the user to logout of the application.
  • Examination: This module can show the different available examination for the students.
  • View answers: This module will allow the students to view the answers of the question papers after writing the exams.
  • Results: This module can help in displaying the results of the students of various examinations written by the students.

Download source code:

download Information Desk System DFD

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