Traffic and Road Condition Estimation using Smartphone Sensors

Traffic and Road Condition Estimation using Smartphone Sensors

Now, it is very difficult to control the road and traffic conditions in a city. Due to increase in traffic vehicle accidents are increasing nowadays. We proposed many methods to solve this problem. But several proposed techniques needs dedicated hardware like GPS devices and accelerometers to be fixed in vehicles or fix cameras on roadside and near traffic signals. But these techniques are expensive because it needs more human effort and its monetary cost is very high. These techniques need more human effort and their monetary cost is very high, so these techniques are expensive for our society. To reduce monetary cost and human effort we are developing the proposed Wolverine method, which controls the traffic with the help of sensors in the smart phones. It is a non-intrusive method. At first we will study about how to improve the algorithm based on using GPS and magnetometer, accelerometer sensor readings for traffic and road conditions detection. We are specifically interested in identifying braking events such as frequent braking will indicate congested traffic conditions and we can characterize the type of road with the help of bumps on the roads. To check the effectiveness of the proposed method, we applied this method on the roads in Mumbai and got success.

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Auto Text Summarization

“To generate a summary, we need brief, accurate representation of the contents of a given electronic text document.”

Presently, most of students and researchers are facing the problem given below:

It is very difficult for students/researchers to read each and every newly published paper to get information about latest progress and when they will work on a new research project. They need to take long time to read papers about research projects. The main objective of the proposed project is to develop a domain independent, automatic text extraction system to solve this problem.

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