Publishing Search Logs

Publishing Search Logs
Search logs are records of the user requests for information from search engine.  The search engine companies like Google, bing, yahoo will store the database of intentions, the search histories of their users. Search engine companies collect the database of search logs. These search logs are very useful for researchers and it gives big profit to the researchers. However, search engine companies are wary of publishing the search logs in order not to share the very sensitive information of their users.

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Bank Security with Automatic Voice Announcement System

The main aim of Bank Security with Automatic Voice Announcement System project is to improve the performance of Bank security in the highly secured places and to alert the authority person automatically. By using this project, we can increase the bank security performance in the bank Locker places and Cash Counter, homes and other highly secured places. If a person tries to make theft in the bank then this project will make alert to the authority person automatically and it turns on the voice synthesizer circuit for the automatic voice announcement.

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Call Center Executer

Nowadays the use of call centers becomes a famous method of providing valuable customer support, streamlining order taking and centralizing information services. So, now Call Center Executor is an important skill. The skills required to start and manage a call center are as follows.

  • Staff recruitment and personnel management.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Technical understanding of the options available.

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