Universal Web Based File Coordinator

The main objective of the Universal Web Based File Coordinator System is to provide an easy user interface and online administration that enables you to manage the users/permissions. In this system, you don’t need server configuration knowledge to manage the users. This system supports multiple users with user level permissions on creating and editing of files and folders, directories, uploads. It has permissions based off file extensions. By using this system, the developers can access their web server files over the internet. The system also contains a text file viewer, text file editor. Read more about Universal Web Based File Coordinator

Virtual Shopping

Virtual Shopping

The main objective of Virtual Shopping project is to help the customers to do the shopping through online. By using this website, customers can make all major transactions in a much secured way. This project is an e-commerce online shopping web application. In this website, customer can add the product into his shopping cart and he can also add many products into his cart before purchasing them. This website is well secured with Session State management and prevents online scams. By using internet, we can manage this website. To ensure the authentication of the customer, he or she should register to this website before making the online shopping. This website is very user-friendly and works very efficiently.

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Automatic Load Controller and Sharing System

The main objective of this Automatic Load Controller and Sharing System project is to control and sharing the load automatically with the help of micro controller. By using the micro controller, this system will sense and control the load automatically. The main purpose of Automatic Load Controller and Sharing System is to indicate and stop the supply line to the load if the load current exceeds the pre-set current.

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