Traffic Congestion Alert System Using GSM

Traffic is posing as one of the biggest problems that most of the countries are facing today. People will not know the traffic that is present will be present in the particular area or in the particular route. There will be more traffic congestion during the peak hours. For the emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire engines the traffic poses a great problem. If there is traffic congestion then it will result in the loss of time, fuel etc. To solve these problems, the traffic congestion alert system using GSM will be of great help. Read more about Traffic Congestion Alert System Using GSM

Web Chat

As the name suggests, the web chat is an application that allows a person to communicate with another person by sending messages through the online mode. This application can also be called as online chat application. This can be implemented in the projects like social networking site, matrimonial site etc. User can send the messages by using the private and public options available in the online chat application. The database is not required for this application. This application can be used as a plug-in with the other application. This will be one of the applications that can be embedded in any other applications with great ease. Read more about Web Chat